Trump and the Apocalyptic Kashmiri

What does an Apocalyptic Kashmiri think of Trump and the Tughlaqesque Modi.


Last night when India’s Prime Minister Modi rendered 500 & 1000 rupee notes useless. Apparently this is being done to check black money influx in the Indian Economy. A very Tughlaqesqueย initiative.

In Kashmir, like every other big event. People see it as the end. With people making frantic calls about this ‘atomic bomb’ being unleashed, the consequences unforeseen. Everyone has turned into an economist.ย 

In 1990s when the armed struggle against the Indian state broke out. The businessmen were panicked because of the effect it would have on the tourism economy. The low influx of tourists would mean less purchase of the world famous handicrafts industry. Anyway, some businessmen went to India especially Delhi to start anew. Many ventured into the Gulf region and some even started their trade in western countries.

Somehow we managed.

Like when the earthquake struck Kashmir in 2005, people made apocalyptic prophecies. More earthquakes will occur, it devastate the region completely. Hell, Greater Kashmir (leading English paper) has been at this prophecy now and then. Somehow, we managed.

Even when 2008-10 ragda movements happened, people thought this would be end. But somehow people managed. Now since the longest phase of uprising in the history of Kashmir’s uprisings, people deemed that economy will be crushed and people will be rendered poor. But somehow we are managing.

Maybe this is due to the survival skills learned over a period of centuries. Somehow we manage. From dumping rice in several quintals rather than buying ration supplies monthly or adjusting to the Hurriyat’s calendar wherein people open their shops at 4 PM.

If we look at the scores of organisations and political parties that visited the meeting of Hurriyat yesterday. It seems like Hurriyat is running a parallel state in Kashmir, and the so-called government is just for the heck of it. Surprisingly, everyone in that meeting has given their full support to the leadership much to annoyance of the obsolete opposition in the pro-Indian assembly. It seems like, somehow-we-manage-survivalist-attitude will be institutionalised further.


Zia: So Trump has become the President of United States
Fayaz: Yeah, that’s true. Doesn’t surprise me, Modi in India, Netanyahu in Israel, Farage & May in UK, Marine Le Pen in France…Democracy is showing a rightwing-racist-trend.
Zia: Yeah, never say never you know.
Fayaz: Yeah. I predict this is why India doesn’t allow a referendum in Kashmir. They know the lies they have fed to the people about us, will never work.
Zia: Hence they banned the internet in Kashmir.
Fayaz: Now you are banned, leaves you no option but to come from a Trumpy Murica to Mufty Kashmir.
Zia: Well, i wasn’t planning on it anyway. But iย wonder if Trump can influence his power on Kashmir.
Fayaz: ย I don’t think so. It will take some work for him to understand Kashmir is not wool but a land of a people.
Zia: Haha. Wouldn’t surprise me, a la-bush dumbness in the White House.
Fayaz:ย Yes, since he went to Yales and my god does he know words.

Trumpy Statement.

One thought on “Trump and the Apocalyptic Kashmiri

  1. You need to stay out of American politics. Stay in your OWN county and mind your OWN business. This election has nothing to do with you.


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