“Everyday when i would wake up, i would wear the ‘good boy’ mask on my face. You know that’s how it worked for me all my life. Hearing good things about me from everyone at home and outside would be something that i loved. Certain narcissism built where i though everything is about me. On the social media, there was a similar portrayal. I wasn’t taking because i thought this was my real self. But beneath all of it, this mask was devouring every my being


… thinking about others, putting others before my priorities was something that i valued. You know how it feels like to be the good guy.

Years later, a realisation bestowed upon me. My overgenerosity was foolish, my selflessness had made me a doormat. And behind all the good things i heard about me, was jealousy and hate. It was an illusion that i was living.

Now when taking charge of my life has rendered me poor. Friends, who were in my list became strangers. It was painful at first, but you got to do what you got to do. My dependence has put me on the pursuit of independence. My entire being feels the cage of the image that i had portrayed. It wants to break out. And i’m selfish, because it’s my defence for happiness.

So fuck the society, and fuck everyone’s expectations. Damn those who hate you behind your back, but say good things to your face. Be real to yourself. No matter how much it hurts, because pain is real and the mask is not.

Find your happiness, hold it tight with all that you’ve got left in yourself. Don’t give up. Don’t be yourself, better yourself but be original.” — anonymous


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