33 Great Achievements of Mufti Sayeed

The man, and his peacenik myth.

1)      Deputy minister in the GM Sadiq’s regime, who laid the final nail in the coffin of Kashmir’s autonomy.

2)      Engineered a failed plot to topple the Sadiq government with Syed Mir Qasim.

3)      Hatched another plot to depose the waned Sheikh Abdullah in 1977, and stake a claim to become the Chief Minister. But Sheikh played his ace card, by dissolving the assembly and throwing water at Mufti’s dream. And then lost his first ‘election’ to assembly from his hometown of Bijbehara

4)      Lost his second election in 1983, losing both seats in Bijbehara and Homshalibag.

5)      Got Jagmohan in 1984 to Kashmir for the first. Hatched a plot to depose Farooq Abdullah government.

6)      Helped form the new government of Ghulam Mohamamd Shah, also known as Gul Curphe notoriously for imposing curfew for over six months.

7)      According to prominent journalist Yusuf Jameel, Mufti organized communal riots in Anantnag to throw off GM Shah’s government, so that it gets deposed by the centre. Another failed plot.

8)      Continuing with his tradition of getting elected outside the valley, Sayeed won from Muzzafarnagar in 1989.

9)      Mufti becomes the second most powerful man in India, the Home Minister in VP Singh’s government.

10)   Six days later, his medical student daughter, Rubaiya Sayeed is abducted by the newly formed JKLF demanding the release of its five members from the central jail. He goes against the Farooq Abdullah’s appeal to not free the JKLF rebels.

11)   Sends in Jagmohan for the second time, after deposing the Farooq Abdullah government again in January 1990.

12)   Two days later, the first of many massacres, Gaw Kadal takes place in Srinagar. Over 55 people are killed, and hundreds injured.

13)   Mufti Sayeed extends Disturbed Areas Act to Kashmir, enabling the brutal Armed Forces’ Special Powers Act to come to practice. Giving impunity to the Indian forces that massacred and raped in the valley. Legendary Journalist Ved Bhasin says, “He (Mufti) was happy with AFSPA because he consolidated his power,”

14)   Under Mufti’s watch, the Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims started leaving in droves fearing for their lives.

15)   More massacres take place, culminating in the assassination of Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq, the head preacher of Kashmiri Muslims. Jagmohan is called back to Delhi. Mufti says in a June 1990 interview, “By sending Jagmohan to Kashmir we made major gains,”

16)   In 1996, he continues with the tradition of getting elected in India, finishes third in a constituency in Bihar.

17)   Mufti ‘manages’ the heavily rigged polls of 1996 parliamentary and assembly elections. Projecting a ‘democratic illusion to the rest of the world’. This election also had the Awami League party led by the notorious Kukka Parray of the Ikhwan – India’s Khmer Rouge in Kashmir.

18)   Pushes his wife, daughter (Mehbooba) and other family members to join the elections on the Congress ticket in 1996’s heavily rigged-managed polls.

19)   Steals and plagiarises the symbol of the Muslim United Front, the inkpot and the pen for his newly formed People’s Democratic Party. A-la-rock-salt-in-the-back-hand-move.

20)   Somehow gets the Jamaat-e-Islami supporters to vote for his party in 2002 elections, in lieu of protection from the Indian forces with the Ikhwan who were hunting Jamaat activists since 1990s.

21)   According to many astute journalists and close-aides of intelligence agencies, PDP was created by agencies or a creation of the BJP.

“The PDP’s foundations were laid when New Delhi began to regain control in Kashmir after militancy struck a blow to the political power structure which existed in the shape of the NC.” Parvaiz Bukhari, Mail Today.

22)   Finally, became the Chief Minister of Kashmir for first three years of the Congress-PDP coalition.

23)   A sort of a POTA spree occurred. Many people were put under this act, a draconian law that not only put people in prison, on frivolous charges but also sealed their homes and businesses.

24)   If Farooq Abdullah fought the militants in his reign by letting Ikhwan hunt down political opponents and common people through terror, Mufti not only regularised the militia but told the people that he ended STF/Ikhwan.

25)   Abdul Hamid Wani, 45 was killed in custody, after being wrongly implicated by the police. The SHO of Nowgam Police station was suspended. Later he was reinstated with a promotion.

26)   Javaid Magray, a 12th grade student Lasjan was killed in 2003 by Army officer S Sinha and his associates. Javaid was never found involved in any militant activity nor was he linked with any group. Murdered in cold blood, no punishment was given to the accused.

27)   Aisha Begum 29 and Shabnam, the mother daughter duo, was raped in Badar Payeen Handwara on November 6th, 2004. The accused was a Major in 30 Rashtriya Rifles. Strangely, the guilty Major Rahman was dismissed from service for raping Shabnam and beating up Ghulam Nabi Dar, her brother. But DNA test had failed to prove the rape against the mother, Aisha. He was not punished.

28)   On December 20, 2004, Hakeem Jan, 60 year old was raped by non-commissioned army officer Lance Hawaldar Krishna Bahadur of 3 Rajputana Rifles. Army claims to have dismissed him and imprisoned for a year, but no evidences were provided.

29)   On August 8, 2005, Kapil Dev was found guilty of killing three relatives of a surrendered militant.

30)   His party minister Qazi Afzal illegally grants land lease to the Shrine Board resulting in the uprising in 2008 and killings of over sixty people in mass protests.

31)   Joins BJP, after campaigning in the valley against them.

32)   In November 9, 2015. Gowhar Dar an Engineering student was shot dead in cold blood at Zainakote in Srinagar. Nobody was punished.

33)   Was in Downtown Srinagar, which became his final visit as a politician. Met with angry protesters, after fleeing the downtown that was filled with tear-gas and pepper-gas shot by his forces. He later died.


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