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I am a child of the conflict. A youth of a revolution. Born in a curfew, in a snowstorm. Heard bullets for Mozart and ran for my life not medals. Played hide and seek in the ruins of homes. Played cricket in a graveyard, with a tombstone as the wicket. Tried to play football but got caught in barbed wire.

Felt my rage at  best friend’s death, and my heart broke when he was buried.  Heard a mother singing a lullaby to her dead son. Felt tears running short of the supply.

Felt hope, seeing a boy going to school after getting maimed. Saw the dawn of freedom, when the poets weaved the future. Learnt history at the dastarkhwaan and Wani Pyanj.

For Justice and For Peace. Love from the Forgotten Land.

Muhammad Faysal (@_Faysal)
Email: faysal2@outlook.com
Telegram: faysalk

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28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yours is a wonderful blog, an open canvas filled with candid strokes of your thoughts, sentiments and views; one that does provide an eyeful of Kashmir, its people and its state too.
    Please do keep writing.

    Best Wishes from Pakistan,


  2. Salaam Brother,
    Hope you’re having a good Ramazan. Sorry to leave a comment here but there’s no email address on the site. I wanted to introduce your blog on my blog http://jaddeyekabir.com/ you left a comment there once. I just wanted to know if it was ok for you. I also wanted to know what the name of your blog means> I know some Farsi so I figure Atesh means fire but I don’t know what the other word means. Could you please write me at nicholasbakos@gmail.com and let me know.


  3. But then can one ask what defines being a Kashmiri……and what defines this land, its quest, its struggle……the religion of its inhabitants? Is it all that is inherent in being a Kashmiri?


  4. Well as i Muslim can i be suffering from a phobia of the vary religion that i profess to believe in…….naa…….Faith?..hmm big word isn’t it but can one de-link it from what happens/happened in the name of faith? Even in this land that we call Kashmir?A faith based society ………can comprehend what it means, as i did live in this land during the 90’s even though as a teen!So have a rather vivid memory of the “strength of our faith”. Srry for arguing for after all its ur blog man!


    1. The inhabitants of Kashmir can be conquered only by spiritual power… be conquered only by spiritual force and never by brute force of arms – Kalhana
      And this is before Islam came to Kashmir.


  5. Hi Faysal

    May Allah bring peace to Kashmir, Palestine, and to all Muslims lands undergoing aggression or those un-rightfully occupied by oppressors. Just know that us (Pakistanis) haven’t forgotten Kashmir. Its always in our prayers.

    I am happy that you said, “Faith is your greatest shield”, reflects your Imaan and May Allah keep it strong.

    Cheers Bro


  6. Hi.
    Just drop by and read your poems. They’re beautiful words and I’m touched.
    I visited Kashmir last month and it’s a beautiful state. I met good people over there and befriend with a Kashmiri guy. I cried a lot on my last day for I have to leave the beautiful memories I had in Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Shopian.
    I wrote a poem so that I won’t forget them. you can read it here : http://tinyurl.com/mnym8uo

    Hope we can be friend.
    Shamel, Malaysia.


  7. This might be random. But never stop writing. Not that you will… As I read though your mind-blowing entries, I was taken aback. Surely, left me in awe. I reminisced the time when I used to write. Mine was rather personal experiences in my life, women, education and poems. Beginner level I would say. Silly me though, for deleting my masterpieces. I vaguely remember anything of it.

    Each word you’ve written brings out such raw emotion in me. Completely overwhelming. Never felt this way before. No words to describe how good you’re at this. You make me to pick the pen up. Been left laying there for a long time.

    I hope to hear more from you.

    Thank you for inspiring this anonymous, psycho woman.

    p/s: I wasn’t exaggerating. It’s really what I felt. Just in case you find it strange or whatnot. Out of curiosity, um, do you like Indians? Or you loathe them? Lol.


  8. Proud of u faysee , U are voice of patriotic kashmiri youth Allah bless u.Its so overwhelming that u are canvassing every part of the struggle and in a very polite manner as the way u r..


    1. Dear Faysal,
      I wish that you will free like abird as soon as..
      The poem ‘Azadi’ is more poweful than gun..
      i would like translate kashmiri poems like ‘azadi’.. Can u help me???


  9. السلام عليكم

    Hi, just drop by & read your poems. It’s really beautiful. May Allah bring peace to Kashmir. Btw I think I know you (maybe). You look like someone (that I’m not really know) in my uni. 🙂

    Fi amanillah.


  10. Dear Faysal,
    I wish that you will free like abird as soon as..
    The poem ‘Azadi’ is more poweful than gun..
    i would like translate kashmiri poems like ‘azadi’.. Can u help me???


  11. Asalam alaikum faysal
    Commendable piece of work

    Good way to change the mind of masses across Globe.
    May Allah bless you


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