Trump and the Apocalyptic Kashmiri

What does an Apocalyptic Kashmiri think of Trump and the Tughlaqesque Modi.


Last night when India’s Prime Minister Modi rendered 500 & 1000 rupee notes useless. Apparently this is being done to check black money influx in the Indian Economy. A very Tughlaqesqueย initiative.

In Kashmir, like every other big event. People see it as the end. With people making frantic calls about this ‘atomic bomb’ being unleashed, the consequences unforeseen. Everyone has turned into an economist.ย  Continue reading “Trump and the Apocalyptic Kashmiri”

Snatch (Thap)

Over the last 100 days, almost 9000 Kashmiris have been detained/arrested in what is believed to be the largest crackdown on protests in history. Such is the fear of the arrests, that mothers warn their children of a possible thap (snatch in Kashmiri) by the authorities.

In the ancient times, a tyrant king ruled over Egypt. A prophecy was made that a boy will be born in a Jewish family who will rise against the King and defeat him. Shocked, the King killed every single boy born to a Jewish mother. The newly borns were informed upon and later they were slaughtered by the Kingโ€™s army.

A few days ago in a neighbourhood in Srinagar, the police raided the houses with ladders to break in to the houses. The detention spree is so widespread, that many parents have sent their kids out of Kashmir, and some have gone underground. In these cases, the police usually detain the father so as to blackmail the kids into surrender.

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Digital India’s Genocide Poem

Earlier today, a poem was posted by the official government of India’s Twitter Handle which calls for genocide of Kashmiris.



Here’s a translation:

Digital India called it ‘Heights of Patriotism’

Darwaazey pe kundi maaro Koyee Naa bach ke jaaney paaye army ko samjha do firing ghalti se Bhi rukh Na paaye

Lock the doors, nobody should come out alive, army should be made to understand, that don’t stop firing even out of mistake

Daba daba Jo feel Karey woh jaake bomb goli gatak le …Aur jis ko nahi rehna yaha woh Pakistan jaake bhains charaye..

Keep pumping the ammo, so that they can digest bombs and bullets, and those who don’t want to stay, can go to Pakistan to feed cows

bas aaj ki baat hai kal se to nayee shuruwaat hai. jee bhar ke thok lo bhaaiyo naa ghar waaley inke baap hai.

It’s just today, tomorrow is a new beginning, shoot them wholeheartedly, you’re the father (of Kashmiris)

yaha par apna raaj hai dar ne ki kya baat hai ye to bas shuruwaat yeh to bas shuruwaat hai….

It is our reign here, so don’t fear… this is just the beginning, just the beginning

arey abhi to goli shuru huwee hai… arey abhi to goli shuru huwee hai… baad mein naa kehna kuch bhi pehle hi de do warning vande maataram kehna hoga every in the morning.

The bullets have just started… the bullets have just started… don’t say this later, to give us warning, you will have to say vande mataram every morning

suuchna janhith mein jaari jis ko apni jaan pyaari chup chaap vo chauk pe aaye . chauk pe aake jan gan man gaaye nakhre vakhre yaha naa dikhaye

The announcement has been made in public interest, those who love their lives, should come to the square and sing the Jana Gana Mana (Indian anthem), don’t throw your tantrums here


The tweet was later deleted. But screenshots have been taken, as of now no apologies have been issued.

Thanks to @Syedakhanz for the translation.


Srinagar is in the state of a Srinagarrison. On my way to Jamia Masjid, there are checkpoints. Indian soldiers and Kashmir militia on the patrol,ย  tense, their faces fallen, their heads tossing around everytime a young Kashmiri passes by. Bullet proof jackets, combat gear and armed to the teeth.

This is no security force, it’s a force that wants to remind people that we occupy and you are bound to be frightened.

Tonight like many other nights, a young Kashmiri is a suspect.

As I make my way back home, two youngsters speed past a checkpoint, even after a show of arms by the militia. They don’t halt even though commanded to in a loud voice. This generation of Kashmiris have no fear.

8 Indian soldiers dead, two armed fighters flee as two other armed fighters shot dead in return fire.

Night is solemn, tonight is an escape. My city is a garrison, we live to see another day of occupation. Only the last day of occupation will be the first day of our peace.

Tonight is a sigh, a prayer.

What would happen if Kashmir leaves India

In 1947, when the will of the people of Jammu Kashmir was known, RSS marauders with the help of Patiala Army (a defacto part of Indian Army) massacred 237,000 people in Jammu, in what is deemed to be a genocide.

Britain, the former colonial masters of erstwhile India, has had two referendums in as many years. While as Kashmir Dispute, the gift of the partition, has been promised a referendum 68 years ago, cannot have a single one because of the post-colonial scum that has us occupied.

A scenario, When Kashmir leaves India in a referendum: Continue reading “What would happen if Kashmir leaves India”