33 Great Achievements of Mufti Sayeed

The man, and his peacenik myth.

1)      Deputy minister in the GM Sadiq’s regime, who laid the final nail in the coffin of Kashmir’s autonomy.

2)      Engineered a failed plot to topple the Sadiq government with Syed Mir Qasim.

3)      Hatched another plot to depose the waned Sheikh Abdullah in 1977, and stake a claim to become the Chief Minister. But Sheikh played his ace card, by dissolving the assembly and throwing water at Mufti’s dream. And then lost his first ‘election’ to assembly from his hometown of Bijbehara
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The Great Achievements of Omar Abdullah

Remarkable Achievements of Omar Abdullah:

1) There can only be one insane i.e in Gupkar. Killed a mentally ill man on the first day in office gifted by New Delhi. Probe announced, as usual nothing happened.

2) Went to Lal Ded in a movie style, suspended employees out of work. Lal Ded remains in tatters, crying for attention

3) Made sure GAP T-Shirts are never-worn again. By wearing them at a press-conference after the Rape and Murder in Shopian.

4) “I WILL QUIT IF unbridled force IS UNLEASHED ON MY INNOCENT PEOPLE!” said Omar Abdullah before coming into power but still remained in the Parliament even after 65+ people were martyred.

5) “I will not give an inch of land” in a historical melodrama at the Indian Parliament, Omar shook every Indian by his seat. While he upheld the permission of the army to occupy 1.50 million Kanals of land.

6) Omar Abdullah made his debut in the movie ‘Mission Istanbul’ (which obviously bombed at the box-office) calling on the role of Media in conflict zones in Afghanistan and Kashmir. In 2010, he banned the Local Broadcast News-Media.

7) Omar Abdullah helped the business of whatsapp by banning text messaging (SMS). It has been three years and still on.

8) Playing on his Blackberry while the police and Indian troops were killing Kashmiris one by one. 124 Kashmiris were killed in 2010, and most of them teenagers. No Probe was announced, forget resignation.

9) Shifting to iPhone in 2010, he allowed a New York like Park in the centre of Lal Chowk. People smiled when they saw the park being used by protected citizens i.e dogs to defecate and sleep. Now they are planning to demolish it but it has been stopped midway.

10) Speaking of Dogs. Dogs became much secure after the Omar Abdullah led government refused to kill them. The unbridled attacks on Kashmiris continue. Demographics are under threat, as the dog population will soon overtake human population

11) Omar Abdullah got his hair back. Apparently to look ‘Young’.

12) A university professor was suspended for writing a question on the conflict. And the Kashmir University Student Union (KUSU) continues to be under banned. And their office was demolished in ‘mystery fire.

13) Protests mean Jail.

14) Greater Kashmir and Twitter, where Omar Abdullah finds his space.

15) Okay, I am running short of memory.

16) It is back. By giving Akbar Lone a much deserved higher education ministry, Omar Abdullah proved his genius.

17) For his melodramatic speeches in the assembly. TWICE. He deserves a Padma Shree. *Momma Kanna Protests*

18) Omar Abdullah doesn’t talk in third-person like his great father but tweets.

19) Put the cost of a Kashmiri life at the rate of 250,000 Indian Rupees

20) Haji Yusuf’s Ghost haunts gupkar. After he mysteriously died in the CM’s compound.

21) AFSPA is the new Salaam.

22) Mehjoor the great Kashmiri Hero, who was against Kashmir’s accession to India. India issued a stamp in his name. Calling him a great Kashmiri Hero. Mother of Irony

23) Tried to plead NHPC to return power projects. But….

24) Claims the ‘Ex’ – Militant scheme was one of his great ‘singular’ achievement. But refuses to allow their kids to study in schools or give them better transit facilities.

25) Drags his melancholic father from the stage after the Senior Abdullah tried to indulge in occasional interest of singing.

26) Gives special permission to Karan Johar to shoot his movie in Gulmarg. Karan Johar calls it ‘Manali’ in the film. Facepalm.

27) Harps on Article 370, calls for autonomy but doesn’t move a resolution in the assembly. Skills.

28) Regrets Afzal Guru’s hanging. But never tabled a resolution to save him.

29)  Flies to SKIMS hospital during to 2010 agitation. Returns with slippers and shoes. Chopper Ministry.

30) Oh I forgot. Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the oldest of leaders and a great freedom leader has been under continuous house arrest. He has been under house arrest for more than a year. Banned from praying fridays for 17 consecutive times. Apparently the ‘elected’ CM feels that he can cause law and order problem through a speech. Strange World.

31) Omar Abdullah accuses Narendra Modi – another mass-murderer but stops looking at his own blood-soaked hands.

32) Forget Pasikh dar – the house ghost, Omar Abdullah has been giving sleepless nights to children of Kashmir. Arrests over 1000 minors in Kashmir. Read this story of two brothers  (11 and 13 years old), who went underground to save themselves from jail.

33) Detentions continue even during election campaigning for the Parliament of India.

34) Public Safety Act was branded as ‘a lawless law’ by Amnesty International. But Omar Abdullah plays PSA like a flappy bird.

35) The Youth of Kashmir keep getting killed and Omar Abdullah keeps announcing probes.

36) Breaks the record for highest number of Curfews (formerly held by his Uncle Gul ‘Curfew’ Shah). Also makes a new record for the number of probes announced by any minister in Kashmir Administration.

37) Keeps his former school-mate Mirwaiz Umar Farooq busy at home on Fridays with frequent house-arrests.

38) Arguably the highest number of times, the Jamia Masjid, the central mosque has been locked up since the Sikh Rule.

39) Just imagine, to make democracy ‘workable’ police have arrested more than 600 Kashmiris – mostly teenagers – during the elections 2014 for parliament. That’s a Omar Record of some sorts.

40) Omar Abdullah’s government takes credit for holding Panchayat elections but doesn’t give them security which any other minister or bureaucrat enjoys.

41) Announces probe for the open and shut case of Machil fake-encounter in 2010. Nothing Happened. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

42) Since Omar Abdullah’s tenure, More than 15,000 had been arrested for having political opinion, not on militancy charges – Parvez Imroz.

43) Omar Abdullah’s election mantra bijli-sadak-pani is a momentous fail.

44) Promises over 9  lakh job skills in Kashmir. That just remained what it was – a promise.

45) Omar Abdullah famously said that his government does not condone torture. 2010, Omar Qayoom dies of torture.

46) Claims of non-lethal-weapons become lethally flawed, as many Kashmiri Youth are blind due to the use of pellet guns which are used to hunt animals.
47)  “The local people are doing more harm to the ecology of the region,” Omar Abdullah said on India’s Independence day but forgets the sensitivity of the glaciers that even National Geographic remarked in their report.

48) “I think we create far more damage to the environment than 150 persons visiting a lake,” said Omar Abdullah. If we means his government than he’s on point.  Sewerage drains are feeding the lake with an enormous amount of sewage. These sewerage drains come under his administration and it is an open secret the rampant corruption in his LAWDA.

49) Not even 100 people are in Jails: Omar Abdullah. This is so funny. According to the government reply in the assembly, the statement said,  “there are 9329 prisoners lodged in different state jails.” We all know how government tries to underestimate the figures.

50) Since 2010 to 2013, over 127 Kashmiri youngsters have lost their eyesight due to use of ‘buckshots’ or pellets which are banned for even animals. this is after the claim of ‘non lethal’ weapons to crush the protests in Kashmir. The youngest being was a  six-year-old.

It would need a three volume series of books to write Omar Abdullah’s achievements.


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Acknowledgements: Thanks @FouadFarooq